Workers' Compensation Injury Treatment & Management

Pivot Occupational Health provides immediate treatment for all work related injuries and illness. Pivot Occupational Health’s goal in the treatment and management of an injured employee is to safely return that person back to work.  The injured employee can expect to receive medical care from an experienced and caring medical team. Pivot Occupational Health recognizes that a team approach in treating a workers’ compensation patient is key in the safe and effective return to work.  The employer can expect that its injured employee will receive top-level care from occupational medicine physicians who understand the physical demands of work and indemnity costs. 

Pivot Occupational Health’s physicians communicate closely with department managers/supervisors that work-related injuries sustained by their employees are reported and evaluated promptly. 

Pivot Occupational Health’s physicians collaborate with our workers’ compensation nurse case manager to facilitate medical treatment and referral including physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and other community resources.

Pivot Occupational Health’s physicians work closely with the injured employee and the employee’s managers regarding employee’s work status. Pivot Occupational Health’s physicians provide outlined work restrictions and work with the injured employee and the employee’s managers to determine whether a reasonable accommodation can be made.

Pivot Occupational Health’s physicians manage and provide a comprehensive follow up evaluation of employees who are exposed to bloodborne pathogens utilizing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and evidence based infectious disease evaluation and treatment recommendations. 

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