Employee Health & Wellness

Employee Health and Wellness

Education, early detection, and prevention are on the front line in the battle against disease and illness.  By implementing employee health and wellness programs, employers can help reduce their employee health risks, and improve employee quality of life.  Having a healthier workforce provides a proven benefit to the employer by reducing health insurance costs, workers’ compensation costs, and improving employee productivity.


The World Health Organization states that the workplace “has been established as one of the priority settings for health promotion into the 21st century” because it “offers an deal setting and infrastructure to support the promotion of health of a large audience.”  The Affordable Care Act has also created new incentives to promote employer wellness programs and encourage opportunities to support healthier work. Pivot Occupational Health can function as your company’s health and safety services department.  Let us show you how we can help. Pivot Occupational Health offers a full array of employee health and preventive care services including:

      • Immunization programs including on-site seasonal flu vaccinations
      • Tuberculosis surveillance (PPDs and IGRAs)
      • Educational safety programs
      • Respirator medical clearance and fit testing
      • Disease prevention consultation and counseling
      • Customized preventive screening programs
      • Employee health risk assessments
      • Health education seminars
      • Tobacco cessation programs and nicotine testing
      • Physical examinations

(Pre-placement, respirator clearance, annual wellness, fitness for duty, return to work, DOT, executive physicals and medical surveillance.)

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