Random Drug Testing Programs

Let us assist your company with DOT compliance requirements and drug testing randomization.

A Random Drug Testing Consortium is an aggregation of independent companies that join together to form a single pool of employees for the purpose of compliance with the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated drug and alcohol testing.  WORKPRO, as the consortium administrator, manages your company’s employee randomization selection process.

WORKPRO will assist your company in the enrollment process.  We regularly update the consortium pool of employees from each enrolled company.  WORKPRO’s randomization process ensures an impartial selection of the employees to be tested.  This automated process ensures an unbiased selection of employees to be tested for DOT compliance.  WORKPRO’s drug testing consortium is efficient, frees up your valuable time, and assists you with DOT compliance.

Not every company falls under DOT regulations.  For those companies that are not subject to DOT regulations, but still wish to utilize a randomized drug testing program, WORKPRO can also manage your selection process.  Whether your drug testing program is DOT or non-DOT, WORKPRO has a program that will fit your needs.

WORKPRO’s collectors are certified, in compliance with the latest DOT regulations.

WORKPRO’s medical review officer (MRO) reviews all drug test results. The MRO has the following responsibilities:

  • Determine that the testing information is forensically and scientifically supportable.
  • Interview the tested employee when required.
  • Interpret the drug or alcohol test result.
  • Report the verified result to the employer.
  • Maintain records and confidentiality of the information.

Benefits of Participation:

  • WORKPRO’s Drug Testing Consortium/ Randomization Program is free to join!
  • Timely result reporting.
  • Removes the company from the hassle of randomization.
  • Ensures a scientific and unbiased randomization process.
  • Provides the company with access to an experienced staff and MRO who can answer your drug testing questions.

WORKPRO is your answer to DOT Drug Testing compliance. For more information, contact: Teri Bowles at tbowles@workprohealth.com

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